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What I’d Like To Hear From President Obama Tonight

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President Barack Obama

Before I get into this, I think it’s important to note that many people who feel as though Obama accomplished nothing during his first term are flat-out wrong. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Apparently, talking about the good doesn’t generate rating for the media, and the Administration doesn’t want to brag about the good while Americans are suffering. No, seriously. A White House official told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that. How nice of them.

Luckily, the good folks over at Media Matters have compiled a list of accomplishments Obama, and those who supported his candidacy, should be proud of. Check it out here.

Tonight, President Barack Obama will deliver his first State Of the Union Address of his term. To say it’s highly anticipated would be putting it lightly. For the Obama Administration, and frankly the American people as a whole, 2009 was a long, LONG, year. The elation many of us were enjoying immediately after the inauguration of our country’s first African-American president quickly dissipated thanks to a series of buzz-kills. The weakest economy in several generations, 10% unemployment, a broken health care system, two wars, bubbling relations with Russia and China, etc. The list goes on. And keep in mind that those were collecting dust on his desk in the Oval Office on Day ONE, waiting to be tackled immediately. A tall ask, to say the least.

I think many us are in full recognition that Obama inherited many of the problems he’s evidently having a difficult time fixing to a level they’re comfortable with. A NBC/WSJ poll released on the eve of the SOTU address reflects that. According to the poll, only 27% of participants blamed Obama for not finding solutions to the nation’s problems. Given the narrative laid out by many media outlets, that number strikes me as low. That doesn’t mean we aren’t angry, though. Our anger is simply directed at Washington. 41% of those polled blamed the president’s party for not finding solutions, while 48% blame Republicans.

So, going into this SOTU, Obama clearly still has political capital left. People still like him. People have invested a lot of hope in his presidency, and perhaps aren’t quite ready to give up on him. So, the question now is “what exactly is he going to tell us?” According to NY Times reporting, we can expect him to admit mistakes:

When Mr. Obama presents his first State of the Union address on Wednesday evening, aides said he would accept responsibility, though not necessarily blame, for failing to deliver swiftly on some of the changes he promised a year ago. But he will not, aides said, accede to criticism that his priorities are out of step with the nation’s.

President Obama declining my interview via telephone.

I think this is a good way to level with the American people. The “mistakes” he will concede he’s made are going to especially resonate with progressives. Although many polls show that he enjoys 90% support among his party, many of the people who supported him are concerned that he isn’t carrying the liberal agenda as perhaps he should be. Health care, his, until very recently, kid-gloves approach to Wall Street,his inexplicable decision to freeze spending on many domestic programs (you know, McCain’s idea), etc. Throw in the escalation of the war in Afghanistan, and progressives are left wondering when Obama will be THEIR president.

The middle class will also like this. The Republicans, in typical fashion, have done an excellent job carrying their message that Obama is “out of touch” with the country. They maintain that Obama has wasted valuable time on health care when he should be addressing the economy and job creation. Although the idea that the two are not intimately related has been roundly contested, the complex nature of the issue has made it difficult for everyday people to understand. He clearly needs to articulate how this is so.Speaking of difficulty in articulating, unfortunately, his two biggest accomplishments, saving the economy from another Great Depression, and the positive effects of the the stimulus package that passed, are intangible and thus difficult to articulate and prove their successes. How exactly do you show to that the economy could have been much worse? How do you get people to see that more people could be out of work? Throw that on the list of things he needs to explain.

Tonight, I want to hear from a man who has come to the realization that he has no friends in the Republican party. I’m getting a little irritated with the naïvety surrounding his approach to negotiating with the Right. It happened with the stimulus bill, when he comprised tough language and provisions out of the package in the hopes of bipartisan support. Not a single Republican voted for it. It has also happened with health care. He backed off the public option, an idea that enjoyed majority support from the American people, looking to by one or two Republican votes. The Party of No still refuses to vote for the bill, although I’m sure the appreciate the concessions. I’d truly like to see an end to that. I want him to exude toughness tonight. Explain to the Republicans that will be present in the chamber that they will not stand in the way of the change Americans voted for in November 2008. Convey to the people that he hears our complaints and shares our frustration. But he needs to pledge to follow up the rhetoric with tough, substantive measures. After hearing about his plan to freeze spending, I’m not sure exactly how likely this will be.

Obama is also going to talk about education tonight, a topic that received little attention in his first busy year. I can’t wait. Apparently, he will be discussing a plan to cap the amount each student pays for student loans. This news made me Harlem shake violently. True story. I’m interested, though, to hear how he will introduce a new domestic initiative while freezing new spending in 2011. In other words, what programs will have to walk the plank to make way for this program as well as the others he will mention tonight? I hope he can explain that.

Wall Skreet.

I would like President Obama to explain his administration’s handling of Wall Street. Talk about these record bonuses. I am just as confused as everyone else when it comes to understanding how the billions upon billions of tax payer dollars being loaded in a dump truck and dropped off at the door step of banks benefits the little guy. I want him to get tough on them and he needs to lay out exactly what he plans on backing his talk up with.

Finally, I just want to walk away from the address feeling a renewed sense of confidence in our president and the future he will ultimately lead this country to. Send a charge through your base, Mr. President. Reassure the American people that you are still their champion.

Oh, it would also be nice if he sent a message to Senate Democrats to cut the bullshit it out and stop being enemies of their own agenda. Fingers crossed!


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January 27, 2010 at 6:50 pm

Jon Stewart Absolutely Owns Hannity and FOX

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(h/t HuffPo)

Wow, nicely done, Jon. This is probably the most damning video I’ve seen in a long time. After watching, the network’s nicknames (Fixed News/Faux News) really have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Roy Sekoff: Public Option Gaining Momentum (ViDEO)

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Stewart Destroys Dems For Not Getting Public Option Passed (ViDEO)

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Bill Frist Would Vote For Health Care Reform

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lol wut pear

Above: The pear reacts to Bill Frist's support for health care reform.

Time’s Karen Tumulty reports:

Were he still in the Senate, “I would end up voting for it,” [Bill Frist] said. “As leader, I would take heat for it. … That’s what leadership is all about.”

This is not to say that Frist is entirely happy with everything that is in the bill.

For one thing, he doesn’t think it does nearly enough to bring costs under control. In his view, it does not fundamentally change the incentives that providers now have to provide more care, rather than better care. “There is really nothing to bend the cost curve,” he says.

And Frist also predicts it will extend coverage to only 20 million or so additional Americans–far short of true universal coverage. Given the fiscal constraints, he says, he says a better approach would be to provide a more bare-bones package of benefits known as “catastrophic coverage” that would insure more people.

However, he strongly supports other aspects of the bill–most notably, its requirement that individuals be required to purchase coverage, if they do not receive health insurance through their employers or under government programs. And he also lauds the provisions that would eliminate practices that allow insurance companies to discriminate against people based on their health history, including pre-existing conditions.


I don’t actually believe him, by the way. I can’t see any sitting GOP lawmaker breaking from the establishment, no matter how unhinged said establishment may be. Still, it’s funny how liberating being out of power is for folks. Here’s to the post-career empowerment of all the do-nothing politicians that currently infest D.C.!

(h/t HuffPo)

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October 2, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Boehner: Haven’t Met “Anyone” Who Backs Public Option

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Ohioans do not deserve this kind of representation. Nope.

Above: A confused Rep. John Boehner. Ohioans do not deserve this kind of representation. Nope.

This guy seriously missed his calling:

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has just more or less dared proponents of a public option to bombard his office with their expressions of support of the plan.

Boehner claimed, with a semi-straight face, that he has yet to meet a regular “American” who favors the option — despite polls showing that a majority of voters support to the idea of having the choice of a government plan.

“I’m still trying to find the first American to talk to who’s in favor of the public option, other than a member of  Congress or the administration” said Boehner, whose sole recent foray into a public discussion of health care reform was a tea-party-style event in Ohio a few weeks back.

“I’ve not talked to one and I get to a lot of places,” he told reporters at his weekly press availability. “I’ve not had anyone come up to me — I know I’m inviting them — and lobby for the public option .

“This is about as unpopular as a garlic milkshake.”

[Politico’s Glenn Thrush] then asked him: “Isn’t a garlic milkshake healthy?” to which he replied, “I don’t know I haven’t tried it.”

*blank stare*

High comedy. What an idiot. To argue the pros and cons of the public option on its merits is one thing. Standing there and saying ludicrous lies which are at odds with common sense and reality is an entirely different brand of stupidity.

Media Matters exposes Boehner’s falsehoods:

65% Of Americans Support The Public Option. According to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, 65% of Americans favor “the government offering a government administered health insurance plan – something like the Medicare coverage that people 65 and older get – that would compete with private health insurance plans.” Only 26% of respondents said they were opposed to such an option.  [New York Times/CBS News poll, 9/19-23/09]

What about Ohioans? You know where this is going:

57% Of Ohioans Support The Public Option. According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, “57% of Ohioans support ‘giving people the option of being covered by a government health insurance plan that would compete with private plans’ and only 35% are opposed. In fact, over 50% of voters in every age, income and education level support the public option.” [Quinnipiac via ProgressOhio.org, 9/16/09]

So the public option enjoys majority support in the dimwit’s own home state. Is this a tacit admission that he does absolutely nothing all day in Washington? Or that he proactively chooses to ignore the wishes of his constituents?

One things for sure: it proves that John Boehner is a moron.

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October 2, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Shepard Smith Questions Fairness Of FOX Story

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*falls out of chair*

Shepard Smith has always been one of the very, very few anchors that actually makes sense when he speaks over at FOX. I really don’t know why he still works there. It’s not like he’s balancing FOX’s general lunacy and lies in any significant way. I mean, he’s only one guy!

Here’s another splash of reason and common sense from back in August:

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September 29, 2009 at 6:30 pm