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eBay to Open Walk-In Store For Online Shopping?

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Straight out of the movie 40-Year Old Virgin:

Bay will open a temporary “holiday store” in New York City on November 20, according to WWD.WWD says that shoppers at the popup store “will have access to the entire eBay marketplace via Internet kiosks, handheld tablets and the eBay mobile phone application.” eBay has not posted a press release about the shop and it is unclear how services at the physical retail location would differ from those offered online.

The online auctioneer/marketplace will set up shop at 3 West 57th street in a building once occupied by Phillips Auctioneers.

No word yet on whether Trish will be brought in to manage day-to-day operations. Personally speaking, I don’t see myself traveling downtown to a eBay store just to log on to their website and bid on items. Sounds completely pointless. I would imagine that internet shoppers shop online not only for the deals, but because we’re lazy when it comes to shopping.

But eBay people are smarter than me, so I’m sure they know what they’re doing!


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