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Bill Frist Would Vote For Health Care Reform

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lol wut pear

Above: The pear reacts to Bill Frist's support for health care reform.

Time’s Karen Tumulty reports:

Were he still in the Senate, “I would end up voting for it,” [Bill Frist] said. “As leader, I would take heat for it. … That’s what leadership is all about.”

This is not to say that Frist is entirely happy with everything that is in the bill.

For one thing, he doesn’t think it does nearly enough to bring costs under control. In his view, it does not fundamentally change the incentives that providers now have to provide more care, rather than better care. “There is really nothing to bend the cost curve,” he says.

And Frist also predicts it will extend coverage to only 20 million or so additional Americans–far short of true universal coverage. Given the fiscal constraints, he says, he says a better approach would be to provide a more bare-bones package of benefits known as “catastrophic coverage” that would insure more people.

However, he strongly supports other aspects of the bill–most notably, its requirement that individuals be required to purchase coverage, if they do not receive health insurance through their employers or under government programs. And he also lauds the provisions that would eliminate practices that allow insurance companies to discriminate against people based on their health history, including pre-existing conditions.


I don’t actually believe him, by the way. I can’t see any sitting GOP lawmaker breaking from the establishment, no matter how unhinged said establishment may be. Still, it’s funny how liberating being out of power is for folks. Here’s to the post-career empowerment of all the do-nothing politicians that currently infest D.C.!

(h/t HuffPo)


Written by PJ

October 2, 2009 at 7:18 pm

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