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Sarah Palin Delivers Speech In Hong Kong

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Sarah Palin prior to setting out to discover the New World.

Sarah Palin prior to setting out to discover the New World.

After a disastrous roll-out as John McCain’s running-mate during the campaign, this was obviously an important step towards brandishing her credentials. Sarah Palin, who committed gaffe after gaffe after gaffe, was roundly criticized on several aspects of her “qualifications” to be a heart-beat away from the presidency, not the least of which her foreign policy experience. Simply put, then Gov. Palin had never left the country, and clearly had no understanding of the way the world worked. I guess it’s hard to have a world view when your world doesn’t extend past the borders you live in. To her credit, though, she did have her eye on Russia.

After quitting her governorship before the first term ended, Sarah Palin was suddenly afforded all the free-time in the world to correct some of the deficiencies that stood between her and the White House. Today was a pivotal step in that long, impossibly difficult process.

So how did she do on her trip of firsts?:

HONG KONG — Former U.S. vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, criticized for her lack of foreign policy experience, emerged in Asia on Wednesday to share her views from “Main Street U.S.A.” with a group of high-flying global investors.

In her first trip to the region, the former Alaska governor addressed an annual conference of investors in Hong Kong in what was billed as a wide-ranging talk about governance, economics and U.S. and Asian affairs.

Two US delegates left early, according to AFP, with one saying “it was awful, we couldn’t stand it any longer.” He declined to be identified.

Palin argued that many average Americans are uncomfortable with health care reforms that infringe on private enterprise, Chris Palmer, an American fund manager for Gartmore Investment Ltd., told reporters.

She didn’t refer to President Barack Obama by name, the Wall Street Journal reported, but said she called his campaign promises “nebulous, utopian sounding… Now 10 months later, though, a lot of Americans are asking: more government? Is that the change we want?”

Some attendees were disappointed by her focus on her home state and her attacks on President Obama.

“As fund managers we want to hear about the United States as a whole, not just about Alaska,” one told AFP. “And she criticized Obama a lot but offered no solutions.”

Now, obviously, the talking points Sarah Palin regurgitates will be at odds with President Obama and his “liberal” policies and set of beliefs. Of course. I wasn’t expecting any rhetorical flourishes from her that would praise the current administration. But I did find it interesting that she chose to be overtly critical of her government in front of an international body of investors. Is it appropriate to criticize one’s government and basically throw its leadership under the bus in the name of personal ambition? It seems, at the least, malapropos and possibly even unpatriotic. She is more than free to preach wisdom from the Book of St. Reagan her economic principles, but it would have been better if she left out criticisms of the sitting president.

Two U.S. delegates walked out! It couldn’t have been a very good speech.

I wonder what the blowback for this speech will be here. Obama was criticized for attempting to mend relations with Europe and the Arab world after 8 years of cold and hostile relations with the Bush Administration. He was essentially criticized for making overtures for improved and more meaningful diplomacy. America is too good for our president to go abroad and apologize to the foreigners!

Are people going to criticize Sarah Palin of criticizing her own government at an economic event in China? You know, our economic rivals? Or am I making too much out of this?


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