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High School QB Disarms Girl On School Bus

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This is seriously some heroic stuff. On Tuesday morning, Kaleb Eulls was dozing on the cheese bus like most kids do before that long school day. Kaleb EullsThis turned out to be anything but a normal ride, though. A 14-year old, gun-wielding girl stood up and started threatening the 21 other children on the bus, who’s ages ranged from 5-18.

Eulls, a start football player in Mississippi, sprung into action:

For several tense minutes, as panicked kids tried to get off the bus, Eulls faced the girl, calmly telling her to either give him the gun or put it down. He told Holt that he was aware that he could have been shot, but if the girl was going to pull the trigger, he would rather that she shot him instead of one of his three younger sisters or another student.

“I just tried to calm her down and tried to get the gun away from her, to give it to me or just put it down,” Eulls told Holt. As he faced her down, he looked for an opportunity to act.Finally, she gave him the opening he needed — and at that crucial moment, his instincts as a defensive lineman took over.

“As she glanced or blinked for half a second, I just lunged at her,” Eulls said.

When the girl went down, she dropped the gun. The video shows Eulls getting up, holding the weapon aloft to show that the girl was disarmed. With the girl in pursuit, trying to get the gun back, he jumped out of the back of the bus.

The thing most striking about that episode was his poise. That’s not the type of composure you would expect from a high school kid, especially in a situation that tense. For him to seize absolute control of the situation the way he did says a lot about his character and his bravery.



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