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Obama To ‘Close’ Health Care Debate?

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President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

So says Obama’s senior adviser, David Axelrod:

ABC’s Ann Compton reports: Calling this the “9th inning” for health care reform, White House senior advisor David Axelrod tells ABC NEWS President Obama is getting in the game and is “at the point where he can close this” debate.

The President has a big megaphone,” Axelrod said, “and he intends to use that megaphone in these final weeks to, to really make clear to the American people what, what’s on the table and how it might help them.”

Axelrod describes an address to the nation from the Oval Office as one option.  Personal jawboning of a reluctant Congress is a definite.

“I think when the President of the United States looks you in the eye and makes the case I think that there is, there is a gravitas to that that most legislators understand,” Axelrod said.

Close, eh? Interesting baseball analogy. The White House has suddenly found a pair of cahones in the tool shed and is looking to seal the deal primetime. I wonder, though, exactly what President Obama will say. I mean, he is closing right?

In this speech he should make make the case, as only he can, that his administration has made a foolish valiant attempt to reach a bipartisan solution. In so doing, he was met by roadblock after roadblock, some self-imposed, most erected by the opposition, and has been only marginally successful. We can’t forget that in all likelihood, there will be a bill of some kind. That has to be considered some sort of change.

So, then, Obama should point out his bipartisan efforts and proclaim that after exhausting attempts, he has FINALLY concluded that the Republican Party has no desire to work towards a reform of any kind. He should firmly reestablish to the American people the principles that shape his vision of reform, and he should clearly articulate what the reform is. Then he should state that he is committed to the health care reform he campaigned on. Reinvigorate the progressives and give them some reassurance. Period.

That’s what he should say. Let’s hope it’s not as underwhelming as his last health care reform prime-time speech.

P.S. If he doesn’t use the phrase ‘public option’… sigh.


Written by PJ

September 2, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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  1. FYI…I think you his roadblocks are not just republicans but also people from his own party as well. In addition, I think the people more so do not understand this reform policy because they have heard various versions of it.

    I’ll watching his speech with regards to this reform but I think it is key for some of us that have voted for Obama, we shouldn’t just accept every solution he puts out on the table and think it is automatically right or the best. I’m not saying his reform is wrong but I think us as young people should take the time to understand as well as challenge some of the solutions that are brought to the table. Not just to be an a**hole or a right winger but to be well rounded individuals that have full understanding of what is being presented to us as a people.

    BLaCk Bruce WaYnE

    September 9, 2009 at 2:40 pm

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