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I’m proud to announce that I officially have a new favorite TV comedian. No, not Jon Stewart. Although hilarious, Jon Stewart lacks a je ne sais quoi that truly separates him from the pack. He’s simply not batshit crazy enough. The race was close between worthy candidates, but in the end I decided to settle on the one and only Glenn Beck as my favorite TV douchebag personality!

The guy is truly hilarious. When you come home from work and plop on your couch searching for a nice entertainment release, look no further than the FOX News channel, and specifically the ‘Glenn Beck Show’. Granted, FOX boasts a healthy stable of industry-leading comedians, but I’m telling you, Mr. Beck is leaps and bounds the funniest!

In honor of TV’s most hilarious personality, I’ve combed through YouTube for the 5 funniest clips I could find featuring yours truly:

Glenn Beck makes a very clever point about a grand elitist conspiracy within the government. His spelling? Not so much.

To truly be a cream-of-the-crop type comedian, you have to embrace your inner dirtbag.

Here’s Glenn Beck pretending to cry on national TV. Oh, and it’s even funnier if he was really crying, by the way.

Glenn Beck thinks our mixed president, who was raised by his white side, has exposed himself as a racist. No idea.

My favorite one of them all. Glenn Beck takes a caller. The topic is health care. Instant classic.

*STANDING OVATION* Thanks, Glenn, you’ve got jokes for days, son!

That explains why at least three dozen advertisers have pulled ads from his teevee show. Waaaaay too funny for their taste. Not mine!

Honorable Mention:

Michelle “My son joined a re-education camp while I’ve yet to be educated a first time” Bachmann

Michael “Government health care bad, Medicare good” Steele

Sean “What is this ‘journalism’ you speak of?” Hannity

Ann “Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole” Coulter

Bill “F*ck it, we’re going live!!!” O’Reilly


If you want to share other clips, feel free!


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August 28, 2009 at 2:22 am

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