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Brett Favre Just Wants Green Bay To Notice Him

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"By no means is this 'goodbye'. It's just 'see ya later'. No really, I will see you later."

"This isn't 'goodbye'. It's just 'see ya later'. No, really, I will see you later."

Today, we learned shocking news regarding QB Brett Favre’s playing future:

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — Brett Favre’s latest retirement lasted all of three weeks.

The three-time MVP has done about-face for the second time in as many years and will play for the Vikings this season.

If the wait for Favre’s decision seemed neverending, it was resolved Tuesday in a few short hours: the 39-year-old Favre jumped on a team plane in Mississippi and was picked up at the St. Paul airport by coach Brad Childress himself.

Congratulations, #4. You have officially worn out your welcome. Everyone not named Bus Cook is now sick of you. Go ahead and add “Most Annoying Athlete Alive” to your mantle of trophies and sports  accolades.

Another short-lived retirement? Brett Favre needs to go away. I mean, really go away. Doesn’t he have ‘Wrangler’ commercials to shoot?  I can’t think of an athlete that’s ever been this annoying.  This guy retires and unretires more than boxers do. I don’t know why, but for some reason he comes across as a selfish guy that likes being the center of attention. He needs to be talked about all the time. It’s not about winning, and he made that all too clear when he pump-faked out of retirement for a disastrous stint with Jets last season. Instead, it’s about getting back at an old acquaintance: the Green Bay Packers.

As a Jets fan, I never got the sense that he was passionate about winning in New York. All the passion he once had seemingly faded the second the Packers discarded him like some used Depends. That passion has been replaced with a borderline-pathetic desire to prove to Green Bay that they made the wrong decision moving on with their lives.


This really doesn't even look right...

Brett Favre is like the ex-girlfriend who’s life mission is to make sure you see her with every other guy on the planet. Her intentions are to appear as though she is doing fine without you, but it’s obvious that her out-of-character promiscuity signals that her subsequent relationships are, in the end, still about you. Favre has even gone as far as signing with division rival Minnesota Vikings?! Two teams later, it’s clearly still about the Packers. He’s being childish in his struggles to find a way to deal with getting dumped. And it shows.

Tavaris Jackson must be vexed right now. He’s been working hard in training camp all pre-season, and out of nowhere, the guy who channels his inner-Allen Iverson and purposely misses camp comes out of nowhere and takes the starting job. But he isn’t the only one tired of this broken record. It’s pretty bad when you have other NFL legends voicing their frustration, too.

It must be incredibly difficult for professional athletes to walk away from their livelihood. Not only do they have to quit the game they love, they have to find something else to do with their newly found free time. Brett Favre is not the first athlete to experience a post-sports-life crisis, but he definitely the most irritating.


Written by PJ

August 18, 2009 at 5:40 pm

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