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Nah, not Bey’s Lifetime movie that made it to the big screen. I mean Game’s obsession with Jay-Z.

When I think about Hip Hop beef (pause), DJ Kay Slay doesn’t usually come to mind in terms of  being the voice of reason. Given his history beefin’ with with other DJ’s and rappers, including Jay-Z, and also due to his nickname being “The Drama King”, he’s the last person I expected to speak the truth about this whole feud (if you want to call it that) between Jay-Z and The Game:

I respect the Game, like he’s a real good friend of mine and me and Jay-Z never really seen eye-to-eye, but what I am gonna say is I think Jay-Z deserves a little more respect for as long as he’s been in the game,” Slay said in an interview. “And Game, he [should] just chill for a second. I really don’t think he fired at him hard enough for him to be going as hard as he’s going but then again, Game is a man. He’s gonna do what he’s gotta do. But me, I just think that, you gotta be on that individual level to go at him. And I don’t think Game has reached that yet.

Pretty much. Let’s keep it funky; In no way is Game seeing Jay-Z on ANY level. It’s really not even close. We can talk about body of work, talent, influence, musical success, business ventures, etc. I don’t see how they compare. Game is cool when he isn’t name dropping names all damn day, I guess. Has he ever gone an entire song without saying a minimum of 10-15 names? Do thorough research and report back to me. Dude has talent, but his whole image screams gimmick.

Slay was right, though. I don’t necessarily think Game needs to relax simply because Jay-Z ‘deserves’ respect. Jay-Z is a legend, but it’s not like he’s retired and minding his own business. He’s active in the game and fires shots of his own all the time. But at the same time, you wonder why Game even thinks he’s on Hov’s level. What gave Game the idea that he could try and provoke him into some battle between equals? It makes me want to shake Game and scream “RELAX!” What would be the purpose of Jay-Z actually responding?

Besides, what Jay said in his BP3 Intro freestyle isn’t serious at all. Certainly not serious enough to merit this kind of obsession. In fact, the bar in question begins, “I ain’t talkin’ bout Game…” Uh… is that really serious enough to drop a track like the next day, then go on tour and have Europeans chant “F*ck Jay-Z, you old ass n*gga”?

I like Game, especially after he pine-boxed the G-Unit craze that dominated rap for a hot minute. He’s just his own worst enemy. He is the West Coast Joe Budden, but with more talent. They’re similar in that they seemingly try so hard for attention, and speak out of turn so often, that in the end their publicity stunts make it hard for anybody to take them seriously.

Here’s the Jay-Z freestyle that Game went batshit crazy over:

Here’s his response:

Blueprint 3 in stores 9/11. Who cares when Game’s album is coming out? (if the answer is you, there’s no firm date for The R.E.D. Album)


Written by PJ

August 12, 2009 at 4:12 am

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