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Syracuse Orange Lands Fab Melo

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Newest SU recruit, Fabricio de Melo.

Newest SU recruit, Fabricio de Melo.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to brag about SU’s newest basketball recruit, Melo. Yep, another Melo. This time it’s Brazilian beast, Fabricio de Melo. He said thanks but no thanks to Louisville, UConn and Florida State and instead opted to become the latest highly touted recruit to play for the Orange. Son is a 7-foot, 270 pound beast at center. Think Greg Oden circa 2006-7 Ohio State. With a jump-shot. His impact will be that real. And with the team that’s supposed to surround him, I’m thinking nothing less than the Elite-8.

My only concern is that, judging by what I’ve read about him, he is working with a lot of raw talent, and Coach Jim Boeheim is really good at doing absolutely nothing with raw talent. One of Boeheim’s criticisms is that all of his players leave with virtually the same skill-set they came in with. Obviously if you’re a monster like Melo the First, that’s really not a problem. I’m not really that worried, though. The job of a 7-footer isn’t really that difficult, particularly at the collegiate level.

Check a YouTube clip of Fab Melo below:


Written by PJ

August 7, 2009 at 1:30 am

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