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Justice Sonia Sotomayor

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Boogie Down stand up! Earlier today, great news:

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday confirmed Judge Sonia Sotomayor as the nation’s first Hispanic Supreme Court justice, concluding a 10-week battle with a resounding victory for the White House.

The largely party-line vote, 68 to 31, brought Judge Sotomayor, 55, to the threshold of one of the United States’ most prestigious institutions, completing an extraordinary narrative arc that began in a Bronx housing project where the Puerto Rican girl was raised by her widowed mother.

Congratulations to Sotomayor for this landmark achievement. It’s great to see intelligent, hard-working people from humble beginnings shatter barriers and enjoy the kinds of successes previously reserved for people that all looked strinkingly similar to one another. She now joins the impressive list of trailblazing Obama appointees that include AG Eric Holder and SG Joycelyn Elders.

Consider this: NY Times Exit Polls from the 2008 Presidential election indicate that Barack Obama won 67% of the Hispanic vote, while John McCain pulled only 31%. Wow. 2/3’s of the fastest growing segment of the American population went to the Democratic candidate. And that was after Sen. McCain pulled my dude Daddy Yankee out his bag of tricks! What was that about, by the way? Were any of those people in the crowd even of voting age? Is his fan-base? Anyway, it’s pretty clear that Republicans have work to do with this bloc of voters. So rather than centering their entire opposition around race, they probably should have simply been on the right side of history. Like a friend and I were talking about, Hispanics will vote again. They will remember the way Republicans tried to slander Sotomayor’s record and portray her as a fire breathing racist. They will consider how, despite the clear message sent on November 4th, Republicans saw it fit to pander to their own base rather than make a concerted effort to appeal to Hispanic voters, many of whom viewed the party as out of touch with their core issues. And they will make them pay. Again.

Some people never learn.

Congratulations once again, Justice Sotomayor. It was well deserved.

Thats Justice Wise Latina to you.

That's Justice Wise Latina to you.


Written by PJ

August 7, 2009 at 12:17 am

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