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Chris Brown Loses Wrigley Deal

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The fail continues for Breezy. This time it comes in the form of a direct  blow to his wallet. Wrigley, the gum company, has decided that it’s the right time to say goodbye:

LOS ANGELES, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Chewing gum maker Wrigley said on Thursday it had ended a commercial deal with R&B star Chris Brown, following his guilty plea on charges of assaulting former girlfriend and pop star Rihanna.

That’s rough. He slipped up and did something extremely regrettable. It happens. And by the way, he has made steps to salvage his reputation by hiring a PR-firm and taking anger management classes. Keeping it strictly about paper, these are all necessary steps from a business standpoint. Chris Brown is a brand and his image is just as important as his talents. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be working. Maybe it’s because of that now infamous cue-card hilarity passing for an apology. Maybe it’s that he made said apology wearing something out of his Mom’s closet (who is going to take a dude wearing an outfit inspired by Nancy Pelosi seriously?).  Or maybe it’s because, and perhaps rightfully so, domestic-violence is just not something you can rebound from as a high-profile entertainer.

Whatever it may be, he needs to reverse the trend. Fast. And he probably will, who knows. Even though there’s been a conviction, all he needs to do is put a hot record out, do a couple of spin moves, and Voilà:

What career f*ckup?

What career f*ckup?

The world forgets. Good luck.


Written by PJ

August 7, 2009 at 12:06 pm

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